Services Overview

MADDUX AND COMPANYLandlord Representation

The experienced landlord representatives at Maddux and Company make the challenging task of marketing your commercial real estate property much easier. A professional representative will plan and implement a marketing strategy to ensure that your real estate gets the widest exposure, featuring its strengths and characteristics. We will also formulate a marketing plan as well as prepare the materials to post your real estate in print media and websites. Our outstanding reputation and decades of experience have created a strong base of potential clients and relationships to work with. Because of this wide coverage, we are able to find tenants not only locally but in neighboring regions and even on a national level. A wider range of prospects means a better fit for your property. As your representative, we will help you project the maximum net income that you can get on the operation of your commercial real estate. Maddux and Company will choose the business tenants that will provide the lowest risk at the highest rental price offer. Our goal is to achieve the maximum utilization of your property.

Property Management

As part of a full service package for commercial real estate services for our clients, Maddux and Company offers property management programs to cover a broad range of requirements. We currently provide services for office buildings, warehouses, retail centers or specialty properties as well as for single-use or multi-tenant complexes. We also manage commercial condominium associations and property owner associations.

Our primary services cover management of standard, non-distressed properties or property associations. Services provided include rent billing and collection, payment of expenses, repair and upkeep of all maintenance aspects of the property. Property owners are provided with monthly income and expense reports and regularly consulted prior to any out of the norm expenditures. Also included is lease review for renewals as well as pro-active releasing programs when needed for vacancies.

Maddux and Company also offers management services for foreclosed or distressed properties. In most cases this service is provided for banks, private lenders, or government agencies such as the Resolution Trust Corporation or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. These properties are usually taken back from financially stressed owners who have left the property in disrepair with deferred maintenance, vacant units, some non-paying tenants, possible code violations or other regulatory deficiencies. In many cases the goal of the new title-holder is not to be a long-term owner, but to solve immediate problems, which intern will allow the property to be put on the market and sold for the maximum sales price. In these cases we oversee the repairs, cure non-paying tenant situations, and reduce costs all aimed at maximizing the value of the property. These activities can be combined with our functions to lease and sell the property.


Buying and Selling

Maddux and Company has been a leader in buying and selling commercial real estate in Miami for decades. We interact with hundreds of business owners every year that want to buy or sell land, buildings, and businesses. We have years of experience with relocations, investment properties, sale-leasebacks, 1031 exchanges, and many other scenarios that motivate the sale or purchase of commercial real estate.

  • Client Goals Analysis – The goal of all sales is not always a lump sum of cash. It may be more advantageous to put the proceeds into another property through 1031 exchange. Some sellers want monthly income without the hassles of property management. There may also be tax or Medicaid implications from a large cash sum that must be evaluated. Debt and other encumbrances on the property may affect the sale. We will help structure a transaction that offers greater negotiating power and higher returns.
  • Property Valuation – While the valuation process may include finding sales comparables, the buyers of commercial property are primarily interested in the income the building generates. We know our market better than anyone and have the experience necessary to get the right value for your property.
  • Marketing – We have excellent in-house marketing tools and resources as well as a network of advertisers, designers, consultants, and other industry leaders promote your property and present its true potential. In addition we work with other brokers to bring together the best buyers and sellers for a property.
  • Qualify Buyers – We work with buyers to make sure they have the proper knowledge, resources, and interest to acquire each property we list. We try to make sure that buyers and sellers alike don’t waste their time on deals that fall apart in the end.
  • Building inspection – We have relationships with engineers, appraisers, general contractors, and various sub-contractors. Maddux and Company can be a great resource for buyers and sellers in this process, which increases the likelihood of the deal going to closing.
  • Negotiation with Bankers – The professional marketing package on the building is not only a tool to show buyers, but also an important tool to convince bankers to finance the deal. Bankers like it when they have all the information they need presented in an orderly manner. Maddux and Company assist the buyers in getting financed so the deal is more likely to close.
  • Closing – We make closing a smooth, pleasant, and organized process. Having an experienced broker at closing is important, because the broker can smooth out unexpected items throughout the process.

Investment Acquisition

Maddux and Company has developed reliable methods of procuring and underwriting properties in the Maimi-Dade area based on decades of experience. Our agents and brokers have personally managed hundreds of investment properties and understand how to analyze deals to avoid many of the risks associated with investing in real estate. Individual properties are unique and require experience and knowledge to evaluate pricing and investment opportunity. Maddux and Company goes beyond the MLS and other online services to locate investment properties in our community that may not be openly advertised. We can assist you by identifying investment properties, performing preliminary due diligence, and negotiating the best price and terms for your specific needs.

Tenant Representation

Maddux and Company will work with you to help identify your company’s needs regardless of your size. Our experienced team will analyze your business needs and functions, not just space requirements. We will find available alternatives across the market and negotiate the best possible lease terms. Decades of experience representing both tenants and landlords have taught us what motivates each side in a lease negotiation. We apply our real estate research, local market expertise, and long-standing industry relationships to your unique needs and business plan to identify solutions specific to your company.